Still standing

Still standing

All day yesterday I was basking in the glory of travel.

I was actively relishing the opportunities it has given me, dining out on the joy of discovering the new, learning about the old and appreciating the different.

I spent the day wandering around Bologna doing some “real-time” blogging for, exhausting myself in the best ways possible; food, wine, culture, history. Later in the afternoon we, the other bloggers and I, were then honoured to be invited to the VIP viewing area of the Mille Miglia cars, which were driving through Bologna. Renowned the world over for its glamorous (and nosiy!) parade of vintage cars, watching the Mille Miglia yesterday evening was the realisation of a dream I never knew I had. And when we were asked to then greet the arriving cars and stamp their paperwork… Mamma Mia!

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