BlogVille FAQ

Will I be alone at the apartment?
No, the apartment will be shared with other bloggers. You will have your own private room, but in case you want to stay with a fellow blogger you can split the room together. You can check in the list that Silvia will send you, which bloggers will be your flatmates during your stay at the apartment.

Is smoking allowed at the apartment?
No, smoking is strictly prohibited inside the apartment. Smoking is permitted on the balconies or outside the apartment/chalet.

Can I buy and bring my own food in the apartment?
Yes, in the apartment/chalet there is a kitchen where you can cook on your own.

How much and how often do I have to write (articles, posts, interactions, etc.) and how do you want me to interact with the others?
It’s up to you! We are happy to give you complete freedom and trust. We are sure that you are going to do a great job and we want you to write about what really cares for you and your readers!

What if I need medical service while I’m there at BlogVille?
If needed, medical assistance in Italy is given in public hospitals and doctor’s offices against a moderate fee. For further information, please read the following official website of the Italian Government:

Should you feel the need of purchasing a private health insurance, feel free to do so.

– The BlogVille Team