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Today on the blog I’m going to share my favourite food experiences from that visit. The places I went to are kind of spread out across Emilia-Romagna, so this is a good itinerary for anyone planning a mini Italian road trip. The distances aren’t that long, but having a vehicle will give you the flexibility to do farm stays, enjoy dinners in countryside castles, and visit producers that are located in more rural regions. Now let’s get to it!

Author: @thatbackpacker 5 months ago

My cooking adventure began at Casa Artusi, which is named after Pellegrino Artusi, the father of modern Italian cookery. Born into a family of wealthy merchants, Artusi spent most of his life focusing on business, however, it was in his later years that he decided to follow his two passions: Italian cuisine and writing. This lead him to write the best-seller La scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiare bene also known as The Science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well.

Author: @thatbackpacker 6 months ago

Ask me to name the first Italian meals that come to mind and I’ll list off pizza, pasta, and risotto. Maybe veal parmigiana if you insist I include some meat in there. But bresaola? I had no idea what that was until I arrived in the town of Chiavenna.

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The charming city – which feels a lot more like a town! – made an immediate impression upon me. Just a few minutes into my walk of the Old Town, I was already fawning over the warm pastel walls, the weathered shutters, and the clay coloured roof tiles. It’s as picturesque an Italian town as you could ask for.

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I personally believe that the secret to a good time in Milan lies in its experiences rather than ticking off tourist attractions. While the city has a few cool sights to boast, the fun really begins when you start to sample unique Milanese dishes, go out for a late night along the canals, and try to seek out some cool street art.

Author: @thatbackpacker 1 year ago